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If you ever decide to buy a bonded leather sofa, or if you ever hastily buy furniture solely based on your budget, I hope you will remember my story.


The Cheapest Option Turned Out To Be More Expensive


I bought it because it was the cheapest sofa I could afford that was tolerable on the eyes. There were red flags from the beginning. It was bonded leather. The seat cushions were sewn together in an odd fashion. The sofa had irregular measurements. It didn’t fit from the beginning. It didn’t fit the décor of my space; it was almost 1/3 of the area it occupied, disproportional. Nothing matched, and it just didn’t work.


When I first saw it in the store, with its lackluster appeal and display, and saw the price and got excited. A sofa that wasn’t a futon! I figured it would fit in my place without measuring the sofa. When they delivered the sofa to my apartment, I had to shove it into the framed area just to make it fit.


A Tight Fit That Didn’t Really Fit


The “living room” area has windows that cover one side, half of a staircase that covers the other, and a limited wall that is interrupted by a refrigerator. That was the first sign right there I made it fit my life. It took up most of the living room. Eventually, it didn’t fit my life.


Luckily, the sofa fitted in the space, but it was a VERY snug fit. I was relieved. The sofa looked good for a few years, but then, just like any quick fix, it started to unravel and peel. It was unsightly, and I had to sweep my hardwood floors more than 2xs per day. The coils inside started to feel uncomfortable. The sofa felt uneven when you sat on it, sagging in some places, and poking you in others.


Masking The Cracks- You Can’t Dress Up What Is Broken


How can you love this? I didn’t. I didn’t love it at all. I hated the color. It was a deep indistinguishable brown that wasn’t black or brown. It was just ugly. No pillow, throw, or accent could save this couch. I tried pillows, throws, and I also tried putting a sheet over it so that it looked like a ghost in the dark. I hated that the cushions were sewn into the sofa. I hated how it shed. I hated how it took up so much space. You can’t really clean under it because it goes nearly all the way down. Now I know what you are thinking- why on earth can’t you let it go if its not working and you don’t love it? I had to experience some more frustration before I could take action. Sound familiar? Sometimes, we don’t consider our options or take action until we are PUSHED to the limit.


What Will I Buy To Replace It?


The sofa was only halfway functional, and extremely annoying and high maintenance. I was constantly sweeping. I was wasting time and mental energy. In my reasonably tidy home, this one embarrassment was staring me in the face. One day, I thought to myself, “What if I just get rid of it?”


That’s it- get rid of the sofa! No back up plan. Worst case, I’ll sit on the floor! Then, I remembered how hard it was to get the sofa through the door when they delivered it. It was large. It barely fit through the door. I realized that I didn’t want to be staggering around in the hallway with a friend while trying to juggle this ugly sofa, parading my mistakes down to the alley for the world to see. I wanted to quietly and quickly get rid of it. Just like that.


Letting Go To Invite Space Into My Life


I can’t possibly throw it away, it cost so much! What will I buy in its place? Can I afford the replacement? Is it a good idea?


I bought so many things to make it look presentable. I wasted so much money. And yet, here I was, fearful of letting go of this sofa. Can I actually buy something better within my budget? I’m scared. And then I realized, you have to get rid of the item and make space for the new thing.


Feeling decisive, I called a junk removal company to get rid of it. This sofa stayed in my life for six years, and it left my life in less than 2 minutes. As soon as they hauled it away, I felt relief. I looked at the giant space left in my living room and began to clean the floor and surrounding area. There was light shining in from the bottom window that I didn’t notice before. There was possibility. There was happiness.


How To Let Go Of Your Figurative “Sofa” For More Space Or Clarity In Your Life


Maybe you made the wrong decision and bought something that is suffocating your life and space. Or maybe you bought something that is a mild annoyance, yet it brings out unpleasant feelings, and repeatedly reminds you of the mistakes you made. Learn from my mistakes and apply these tips to resolve the mistake and feel good about yourself in the process.



  1. Enjoy The Presence Of Space. If you make the wrong choice and decide to get rid of something, don’t immediately go searching for a replacement. Instead, let the space air out a bit. Do you like how the space looks with it? Do you like how your life is without it? What do you envision in its place?
  2. Some Practical Considerations. Make sure it is practical and right for you. Make sure it fits your life and your home. My sofa literally didn’t fit, but I somehow made it fit by shoving it into the space. If your sofa is almost as big as your living room, that is not practical in the long run.
  3. Does It Create Problems? Make sure it doesn’t create more work. I spent more time sweeping than living. It was ridiculous, but until the sofa became practically unusable, I couldn’t see the time, money, and mental energy being spent on this sofa.
  4. Is It An Obstacle? Doesn’t get in the way of what you want to do. Does the furniture or thing in your life keep you from doing what you bought it to do? For example, a lounge chair that you can’t sit on or display?
  5. Can You Save It? Ask why you are keeping it- is there sentimental value? Do you like it? Can it be saved? Or are you just struggling with indecision.
  6. Consider Your Options. What can you get/use/substitute instead? Sometimes the fear of the cost of replacement keeps you from throwing it out or making a decision. Once I knew I could have an awesome affordable option under $100 that suited my lifestyle, I was more open to fixing what was wrong in this situation.
  7. Consider the Big Picture. Look at the big picture before rushing off to achieve your smaller goal. For example, you want something to sit on. You’re in a hurry. You buy the first thing you can afford. It doesn’t work, and then you’re stuck. Don’t let that be you. Wait a bit, save up for what you really want.


Final Thoughts


Yes, it cost money to buy it. It cost money to get rid of it. But it would have cost even more money (and sanity!) to keep it.


What did I end up buying to replace this sofa? For a while, I left the space empty. Later, I bought a modest settee bench for under $100 that is more proportional to the room. It is beautiful, comfortable, and it matches my décor. Once I let go of the wrong thing, I found something that truly FIT the space and fit my life.


Get rid of the wrong things to make space for the right things. Or just enjoy the space and let the light shine through- the choice is yours.



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