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How To Use This Guide

I bought these items without the intention of putting them together and creating a decorative set up for my entryway table. Use this arrangement as inspiration to decorate your entryway, tabletops, or shelves! Enjoy 🙂

Wait…Isn’t Your Blog about Minimalism??

I write about how to have more stuff you love, and get rid of stuff that causes you waste, stress, or sadness. I believe you should surround yourself with things that you love. If you need something but don’t love it, I help you find a way to make it work (keep it out of sight or find ways to keep your surfaces uncluttered and clear). How much you have or don’t have is dependent on YOUR preferences. It’s your life, and I’m here to help you intentionally surround yourself with things you like. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the good stuff!

A Classic Scented White Candle

A beautiful white candle can serve as a centerpiece, a decoration, or a way to quickly turn an ordinary room into a beautiful sanctuary with crisp, clean scents wafting through the air. A white candle can also serve as a beautiful decoration, especially when paired with a white faux fur throw and mirror tray!

Beautiful Tall Glass Vases

These gorgeous vases come in a variety of vibrant colors. I like to use these vases as decorations rather than actually using them to display pretty flower arrangements! The key to making a beautiful yet simple display is to pair items of different height, texture, and complementary colors. In my arrangement pictured above, I used gold, silver, a few pops of color, and a beautiful faux fur throw. It came together nicely, and I love the clean, simple lines of these beautiful vases- they are colorful without being too busy!

Mirror Serving Tray

There is nothing quite as elegant as a mirror tray. I prefer a mirror tray that is fully covered on all sides, but if you’re looking for something a bit less dramatic, a mirror tray with open sides is definitely the way to go. It has clean and modern lines that complement most styles of decor. When you’re not using it as a decoration, it serves as an elegant option for serving champagne and cocktails!

The full mirror tray is pictured below. The sides are also mirrored, and this is also a serving tray. This setup is absolutely stunning near my entryway!

Faux Fur Throw Rug

When I saw this faux fur throw for a good price, I couldn’t resist! It is absolutely gorgeous, and it serves as a beautiful fluffy backdrop for my mirror tray, candles, notebook, and vase. It creates such a warm and welcoming vibe when you walk in the door and see this in entryway!

Decorative Jewelry Box

I put a colorful jewelry box in the tray to add a pop of color. You can do this with an empty jewelry box for earrings, a small necklace, or a ring. If you have a small keepsake box, see how it works with the other items, and throw that in there, too. It’s your arrangement full of beautiful things that you love!

Metallic Textured Candleholders

I used silver candleholders that vary in texture and shape to create an interesting yet monochromatic arrangement. If you prefer a set of candleholders that are complementary yet not identical, check out the spread below.

Cynthia Rowley Gold Pens

I first came across these pens when I purchased mini notebooks with the pen attached, and I immediately fell in love! Beautiful, elegant yet perfectly priced! The pens write smoothly, and you will love admiring these pens and writing with them. They sell them in multi-packs, so grab a few for your purse and your desk!

Mini Notebooks

I didn’t want to put a notepad in this tray, so I took mini notebooks with gold embellishments and stood them up at the edge of the tray. If I need to write a quick note, I just grab the pen and notebook, and put it back in its place once I’m done. I keep quick notes and thoughts in there.

Candleholder Set With Different Textures and Shapes

This set is awesome, because you can use it for candles, votives, or even as a pencil or pen holder. You can also get creative and put small flowers in there, or use it to hold your keys, jewelry, or other personal items. The second one from the left is the one pictured in my display.

The Mirror Tray Of All Mirror Trays

There are no words to describe this tray, but I’ll do my best. You can use it to serve food and drinks, but I prefer to use this tray for decor. It is sleek, shiny, luxe and modern. Enclosed on all sides, it has beautifully designed cutouts on either side for easy handling. They also come in a variety of sizes. You can also stack a bunch of books and make a pretty flower arrangement for your coffee table.

Mirror Coasters

These coasters are a small luxury. I use them for cold and hot drinks, and they have held up just fine. They are absolutely beautiful, and will put a smile on your face and light up any room.

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Buy For Home Decor?

Everyone has a favorite, whether it’s candles, notebooks, vases, or boxes. What are you looking forward to buying to beautify your home? Did you get anything recently that you’d love to share? Tell me in the comments below!

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